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Betsy Ross

Love my new dawgs, I get so many compliments on them. I have added them to my collection if dawgs. They are so comfortable, all I wear.

Women's Z Sandals - Dark Brown
Andrea Carter (Sidney, US)
Love Dawgs

This is my third time purchasing Dawgs, all my friends love them as well. I own 6 pair myself in a multitude of colors.

Women's Z Sandals - Navy
Cheryl Horne (Kansas City, US)
Awesome product

I wear the shoes everywhere. I bought them to wear at the lake but they are on my feet all of the time.

Women's Z Sandals - Soft Pink
Diane Lonsdale (150 Mile House, CA)
Z sandals

This is my third pair, still very comfortable and affordable.

Women's Z Sandals - Dark Brown
Diana Kato (Toronto, CA)
Z sandals

I had a pair of Dawg work slip on type in solid white perfect for nursing home and decided based on that to try a pair of women’s z sandals. They are a little different fit but still very comfy yet supportive just like the work shoes. Love that you can clean them and they are light. I’m going to use them as slippers and pool sandals. They were ordered and mailed very easily. The only complaint I have is they aren’t the colour I expected. Supposed to be dark brown but anyone I ask says they are black! I could have probably exchanged for another colour but wanted them for a trip I’m taking. For me the sizing was right on the way that is used to determine your size. I would get these again.

Men's Beach Dawgs Clogs
Peggy Mitchell (Thornton, US)
Perfect for water!

I bought these dogs for my husband to use on his trips, back-and-forth to the pool and hot tub. He loves the fact that they slip off and on easily and they’re comfortable for him. Will get him another pair soon

Women's Z Sandals - Flat Grey
Lucy Carlisle (Gilbert, US)
Grey Dawg's

Love my Dawg's. I have 5 pairs. However, my white pair has a cracked on left side. They are size 6m. Oh, forgot to tell you I referred Teri Morro. Did you hear from her? I hope so.
Thank you, Ms Lucy 👍
I'm going to use my 3 for $50 from Memorial Day as soon as I hear about my white pair.
Thank you again! 🎶

Women's Z Sandals - Black
Eva Morse (Edmonton, CA)
Excellent buy!

I have had several pairs of Dawgs several colours plus loudmouth.
Always happy with my purchase

Women's Loudmouth Z Sandals - Broadstrokes
Barbara Earley (Enfield, US)
Perfect summer slip on sandals!

This is my second pair of Dawgs sandals, and I plan to buy more when the designs that I desire are available. My first pair was a splattered paint design, and this pair is the bold strokes. I love how they perked up my feet with the colors and designs and the comfort is excellent. I also like how they can be washed! I’ve recommended them to several friends who have commented on my footwear!

Women's Z Sandals - Ocean Blue
Rhonda Zart (Prairie du Chien, US)
Love them

I really like the Z sandals. They are comfortable and sturdy.

Women's Z Sandals - Charcoal Grey
Lois Levi (Tampa, US)
Size matters

Been wearing Dawg Z Sandals for 10+ years. Been a favorite for very long time. Over that time I've ordered 2 different sizes to accommodate my feet. One time they fit well and other times not. Just wish the size would be standard.. Half size up doesn't always work and you need to pay shipping to return.

Women's Z Sandals - Charcoal Grey
Helen Schwets (Toronto, CA)
Great sandals

I love these sandals for their fit and comfort. I have numerous pairs and have given them to friends and family as gifts as well. Everyone just thinks they’re great!

Women's Z Sandals - Navy
Beth (Chicago, US)

I thought these would be comfortable but they are not at all after a little while. Also they are slippery when wet.

Women's Z Sandals - Black
Kimberly Vosburgh (Parkers Prairie, US)
Women's Z Sandals

Love these! This is about my 12 pair now. So comfortable!

Women's Z Sandals - Charcoal Grey
Joan Turk (Middleton, US)

I have not received any shoes! Please check my order!

Women's Beach DAWGS Clogs
Veronica (Dallas, US)
I stick with Dawgs

I buy Dawgs for me and my daughter's. We all have arches and these shoes are super comfy for our feet. We wear dogs all summer long!

Women's Z Sandals - Charcoal Grey
Mary Mitchell (Olympia, US)
Fits my feet much better than Telec or Oofos!

Great fit!

Women's Z Sandals - Black
V. Gayle White (Palatka, US)

I love my Dawgs! They are stylish as well as comfortable. Best of all, I have to wear a 1/2 inch lift in my left shoe and it says in place.

Women's Z Sandals - Black
Angie Shutko (Calgary, CA)
Closet full of Dawgs

Received my Dwags very quickly .
I have so many but l always buy more for myself and family.
Great colours and designs .
You can’t go wrong with this seller great to shop local..
They save you money too.

Women's Z Sandals - Flat Grey
Lauren Woytas (Rochester, US)
Love these

I bought these for myself to wear around the house and love them. I then got a pair for each of my duaghters. One is a nurse and on her feet all the time so good feet and back health is essential. She forgot them at my house so didn't wear them around her house for 2 days and totally noticed her back started bothering her. She made sure she got them back a.s.a.p. We both just ordered new ones and she also got the clogs and loves those too!

Women's Slides - Peacock
Barb Kovacic (Eastlake, US)

They rubbed against my little toes

Women's Z Sandals - Baby Blue
Suzette Rasmussen (Raymore, US)

I loved them

Women's Z Sandals - Navy
Terri Griffith (Charlotte, US)
Navy Z Sandals

The sandals are comfortable.

Women's Z Sandals - Black
maria delsing (Phoenix, US)

I know own six pairs and wear them all summer. They are comfortable and have good arch support.

Women's Z Sandals - Navy
Customer (Edmonton, CA)
Looks Great With Jeans

I love this color and these sandals are worn as soon as the snow is gone until the flakes start falling. They are so comfortable.

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