What feet do for us

  • The feet are the foundation of your body; they support everything above them, including the hips. Feet that aren't properly aligned can contribute to stress pressure at the knees and hip joints.
  • Feet are designed to help protect against heel-strike shock. With every step, shock waves travel up the body from the feet and impact our well-being.
  • One main function of the foot is to absorb shock with each step. As the body shifts side to side with each step, the feet should support the weight and stabilize the body.
  • Properly designed footwear can help absorb shock and prevent rolling of the foot, reducing stress on the feet, knees, hips and back.


The Most Common Problems

Plantar Fasciitus

Inflammation caused by excessive stretching of the plantar fascia (muscles and soft tissue connecting the ball of the foot and the heel). It is a stress irritation which, if not treated, can lead to progressive development of foot malfunction and discomfort.


The foot rolls outward at the ankle. Some of the foot bones drop to a less stable position when the arches are too weak to keep them aligned properly.


The rolling inward of the foot. This can create relatively inflexible feet, often with a high arch, and a short or tight plantar fascia. As weight is transferred from the heel along the foot, the plantar fascia stretches very little and pulls sharply on its attachment to the heel.

Planus or 'Flat-Foot"

This condition results when weight placed on the foot is too far on the medial side. "Flat feet" are unstable and do not have a proper arch. In prolonged conditions body weight can cause misalignment of the bones of the foot –often leading to knee, hip and low back pain.

Of course, all of these can lead to more serious conditions and injuries; ankle problems, knee pain, leg pain, hip pain, lower back pain, and to other chronic pain conditions.

Well designed footwear can help reduce common complaints


What can DAWGS do for you?

DAWGS footwear helps by providing the following:

1. Stabilize the foot

2. Cushion the heel

3. Aid in shock absorption

4. Provide effective arch support

Our Ultra-Soft material is the basis for our footwear designs and helps ensure comfort. By incorporating sculpted foot-beds, comfort heel cushions and supportive heel cups along with structured arch supports, we provide ultimate comfort and support for our customers.

    Our footwear meets and exceeds the needs of today's demanding lifestyles!