Women's Fleece Dawgs

Size: 5-6
Color: Black
Sale price$44.99


The DAWGS Women's Fleece DAWGS keep your feet warm and cozy. One of DAWGS' most popular styles, the Fleece DAWGS are great all-weather shoes to wear indoors and outdoors. These comfortable shoes are designed with a warm, removable and washable fleece insert and gentle arch support. The thick, non-marking outsole offers stability and durability.

  • Ultra soft
  • Non-marking
  • Ultra comfort
  • Arch support
Care Instructions
  • Do not leave your Dawgs exposed to extreme heat while they are not being worn (i.e. in direct sunlight, near heating vents, or in a hot vehicle)
  • Dawgs can be washed in warm water with a mild detergent as necessary. Air dry or dry with a soft cloth.
  • Dawgs can be sanitized in 10 parts water to 1 part bleach for approximately 10 minutes. Allow Dawgs to air dry or dry with soft cloth.
  • Fleece Dawgs insoles can be removed and washed on cold in the washing machine. We do not recommend putting Fleece Dawgs insoles in the dryer.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4407 reviews
Anna Cargnelutti (Longlac, CA)
Exactly what I needed

This is my second pair of Dawgs I have ordered. So comfortable and I highly recommend them. Thank you

Warren Thomas (Regina, CA)
Very happy

I was very pleased how fast they came like in 3 days and my husband loves them.
The price is expensive that is why I never got a new pair.

Sally Sera (Kissimmee, US)
Fleece lined clogs

I love Dawgs and have many pairs. These certainly keep your feet warm and dry. Unfortunately, I do not find them as comfortable as the Z 🩴. Since I have not tried any of the clogs before I do not know if they should be or if that is just a feature of the Z sandals.

Merletta Hollingsworth (Spruce Grove, CA)

Women's Mossy Oak Fleece Dawgs - Breakup Infinity

Mary Transue (Sarasota, US)
No width needed

This slipper is a perfect fit because of its space in width. Although I have a B with my right foot has a bunion and doesn’t allow my foo to fit in Anyang but wide. I also have Peripheral Arterial Disease which make it necessary to have a comfortable fit bed which the DAWG gives me.
Since I am required to walk 30 minutes a day on a treadmill it’s great to have these comfortable slippers to put on.